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Appreciation of the works exhibited in the doodle lab

基底線、地面線、天空線 | Base Line, Ground, and Sky




Let's draw a beautiful flower! Where will this flower bloom? And when did we begin to define sky and ground on canvas?


After the "base line" appears in children's paintings, people, flowers, houses and other objects are often arranged on the same base line, while the sun, airplane, and butterfly will be presented on the upper edge of the drawing paper, everything present in two dimensions, without the concept of "perspective technique".


The Game I Play with My Father


Jayden Meise 南非 5 歲, 2014


The sky is above, the earth is below, and my dad, the flowers, and I all stand on the ground. Simple lines represent the ground, without any unnecessary background or deep spatial depiction; this is the world of a child.



Searching for Moon


陳芊燁 臺灣 國小一年級,2016


The moon and stars are in the sky, and the stars even line up in groups. The houses standing on the ground are also lined up on the green hills. Objects are orderly and do not overlap with each other.


主觀色彩、客觀色彩 | Subjective Color, Objective Color

觀察兒童的畫作內容,往往可以看出小藝術家的特質,常見特質可將孩子分為視覺型與觸覺型,視覺型孩子觀察力敏銳,創作講求形狀、 光影、色彩的細節,繪畫時常從輪廓開始,再充實形體;觸覺型孩子則較主觀感性,作品常是表現自我、經驗、情感的投射,繪畫時不太強調比例與準確用色,擅長使用誇張的表現。 猜猜看!這些畫作屬於哪種類型的小藝術家?


By observing the content of children's drawings, we can often identify characteristics of these little artists. They can generally be classified as visual or tactile types. Visual children have sharp observational skills and focus on the details of shapes, light, and color in their creations. They often start from the outline and then fill in the form when they paint. On the other hand, tactile children tend to be more subjective and emotional. Their works often express self-identity, experiences, and emotional projection. They do not emphasize proportion and accurate coloring when painting and are skilled at using exaggerated expressions.
Take a guess! What type of little artist created these paintings?


The Roller-Coaster, How Exciting


逄奕翔 臺灣 國小一年級,2018


There is a roller coaster with people on board, each showing different expressions and complexions. It seems to reflect a mix of anticipation and fear, or it could be the artist's random decorative expression.



Figure Skater


Aleksandra Moshina 烏克蘭8歲,2019


In the painting, besides the characters, the colors are decorative and non-realistic. Vibrant, rich, and fluid, they accentuate the joyful mood of the protagonists as they dance.


誇張、省略、變形 | Exaggerated, Omitted, Deformed



Children's perspectives often focus on specific things. When certain objects bring them strong feelings, exaggerated proportions and colors will appear in their paintings, while things outside their attention will be correspondingly simplified and omitted in their artwork.


Self Portrait


James Ho 新加坡 7 歲, 2012


The painting doesn't depict the details of the characters. Instead, it uses stark black and white contrasts for the face and red eyes, and the body is represented with simple black lines and primary color blocks to express emotions.



A Pleasant Trip to the Aquarium


杉本凜太朗 日本 8 歲, 2014


The protagonist not only occupies a significant part of the painting but also has expressive eyes. The surrounding penguins are distorted, elongated, shrunk, and simplified due to spatial constraints, further emphasizing the importance of the main character.


透明式、X光式 | Transparent and X-ray

認知發展到一定程度後,兒童繪畫中可發現 X 光式畫法的特性,創作時會把眼睛看不見的物體、角色用像是透視牆壁、身體的方式畫出來,例如:校車中的學生、媽媽肚子裡的孩子等,觀察看看,孩子在畫房子、畫車 子時,是否有「透視眼」


As children's cognitive development progresses, you can notice a unique trait in their drawings, often referred to as X-ray style. In their drawings, they depict objects or characters that are not visible, such as students inside a school bus, or a baby inside a mother's belly. It's as if they are peering through walls or bodies. Look and see whether children exhibit this "X-ray vision" when drawing houses or cars!


Big Bus


林彥廷 臺灣 幼稚園,2009


The child meticulously depicted the shape and structure of the bus, and also illustrated the movements of the people inside the carriage. What the child drew represents his "cognition" rather than a "visual reproduction."



Cat With Pussicat


Alexandar Angelov 保加利亞 6 歲, 2016

貓媽媽懷孕了,肚子裡有四隻小貓。孩 子以想像、透視的方式描繪出他的「認 知」,是典型樣式化兒童畫的表現。

The cat mom is pregnant with four kittens in her belly. The child used imagination and perspective to depict his "cognition", which is a typical representation in schematic children's drawings.


展開、輻射擴散 | Unfold and Radiative

在學習繪畫的過程中,兒童因為視點不固定, 描繪事物時會把視點移動時,所看到的事物直白繪出來,像是展開圖一樣,比如住在地球村的人們手牽手輻射狀的排開,或觀看馬戲團的觀眾環繞了整個畫面。


During the process of learning to draw, children may depict what they see from shifting perspectives in a straightforward manner, like an exploded view diagram. Examples include people living in the global village holding hands and radiating outwards, or circus audiences encircling the entire picture.


Circus Trick


陳堂軒 臺灣 幼稚園, 2004

孩子不以固定的視角來畫群眾,而是努力畫出每一位觀眾,自然而然的旋轉畫紙, 讓大家都坐好面對舞臺,欣賞精彩的演出。

The child doesn’t stick to a fixed perspective when drawing a crowd, but instead, makes an effort to depict each audience member. Naturally rotating the paper, the child ensures that everyone is seated properly facing the stage to enjoy the splendid performance.



The Global Village


林彥辰 臺灣 幼稚園, 2014

圖示期的孩子畫圖經常出現「地面」。站 在線上心理才有穩定感。畫中的人物、房子都站在地球的「線」上,就像展開的圖示。

During the schematic stage, children's drawings often feature a "ground". Standing on the line gives a sense of stability. The characters and houses in the drawings all stand on the "line" of the Earth, like an unfolded diagram.


時間連續、連續歷程 | Continuity of Time and Space

是否在兒童的圖畫中,同時看見太陽和月亮? 畫面看似晴天,卻有一半的人撐著傘?這是因為兒童在繪畫發展中出現的「時空連續」特 徵,在同一張圖畫中出現不同時間與空間所發生的事物,彷彿是一張圖的故事書,畫面上的某處是先發生的事,而另一處則事後發生的 事,將所有的歷程融合在同一件作品中。


Children's drawings sometimes exhibit a characteristic called "Continuity of Time and Space". This means they might depict events happening at different times and places all in the same drawing, like a storybook in a single image. An event occurring in one part of the picture might be something that happened earlier, while another event in a different part may be something that happened later. Thus, they can incorporate the entire process within the same artwork. It is why you might see both the sun and the moon, or half of the people holding umbrellas in a sunny scene, in a child's drawing.


The Construction Site


吳祐廷 臺灣 國小二年級, 2019

到底畫中有幾個機器人?幾位操作人員?仔細看到畫中的機器人與人物反覆出現,似乎將不同時間的場景凝結在同一 個時空中。

How many robots are there in the drawing? How many operators? Upon close examination, robots and characters in the drawing seem to appear repeatedly, as if scenes from different times are condensed into the same space-time.



The Roller-Coaster, How Exciting


王子晉 臺灣 幼稚園, 2019


The roller coaster is so much fun that we played from day to night until the moon came out, and from sunny day to rainy day, we didn’t want to go home. Can you see the passage of time?


擬人化 | Anthropomorphism

咦? 老鼠怎麼穿著華麗的禮服?太陽怎麼也笑咪咪的呢?

擬人化的表現是兒童繪畫發展的過程中很鮮明的一個特徵,在兒童的認知發展有了自我 與他人概念後,會賦予畫中的物件、主體人格化的表現。

Why does this mouse dress in splendid wear? And why is the sun grinning?

Anthropomorphism is a distinctive feature in the development of children's drawing. Once children develop a sense of self and others in their cognitive development, they will personify the objects and subjects in their paintings.


Illvstration of the Talg


Nikol pivarcsik 塞爾維亞 9 歲 , 2009


The mice are getting married, the bride is in a beautiful dress, and the groom has a beaming smile. Butterflies, flowers, and hearts are all filled with smiles, coming together to join in the joyous wedding.





Konrad Chwálik 波蘭 7 歲, 2018


In the child's mind, all things have emotions; the sun in the sky, the running fox, their eyes are full of joy, and even the clothes they wear have smiling faces. This reflects the child's inner peace and happiness.


樣式化 | Schematic Painting

猜猜圖畫中的人物是男生還是女生? 你又是怎麼知道的呢?


Guess if the character in the painting is a boy or a girl? And how do you know that?
The way children depict boys and girls in their drawings follows a certain impression or style that they have in their minds. These characteristics often appear repeatedly in drawings of characters of the same gender or objects with similar qualities. They use this schematic approach to express their stories in their drawings.


Doing Sports is So Much Fun


曾喬萱 臺灣 國小一年級, 2014


Long hair, dresses, and skirts are the most common female images that children see in daily life and images, and they represent the child's "concept" of femininity. Even in paintings where the figures are engaged in sports, they must be dressed up!



Cool Family Members


顏國銘 馬來西亞 8 歲, 2017

以衣著、裝飾等來顯示性別的差異:女生 長髮裙裝,男子短髮褲裝,爸爸甚至打了領帶。「概念化」表現經常出現在兒童畫中。

Using clothing and accessories to display gender differences: girls with long hair and dresses, boys with short hair and pants, and even dads wearing ties. This "conceptualization" is often seen in children's drawings.


藝術與我 | Art and Me

「自我」是兒童成長過程中反覆著墨的主題, 在繪畫發展的旅程上也不斷轉化出不同的樣貌,而對於原生藝術家來說,「自我」不僅是成長議題,更是如何融入社會、如何找到自我實現舞臺的人生課題,「我」常是特教老師在教導特殊兒童的第一個觀察主題,「畫 我」的過程,也是原生藝術家們藝術發展、 探索自我的原點。

The theme of "self" is often depicted repeatedly in the process of children's growth, and it takes on different forms throughout their journey of artistic development. For outsider artists, "self" is not only a subject of personal growth but also a life challenge of how to integrate into society and find a stage for self-realization. "I" is often the first observation topic taught by special education teachers when teaching children with special needs. The process of "drawing oneself" is also the starting point for the artistic development and self-exploration of outsider artists.


My Classmates


劉信甫、戴維成、柯予薰 臺灣, 2022

認識自我,從臉開始,對於臉的完形與覺 察,適合每一個發展階段的學生作為探索的起點。技法可以極簡也可以極繁複,感情表現也可以很多重、詮釋可以很自由。

Understanding oneself starts with the face, and exploring the complete form and awareness of the face is suitable as a starting point for students at every developmental stage. The technique can be simple or complex, the emotional expression can be varied, and the interpretation can be free.



The Faces of the Indigenous People


高進宇 臺灣, 2023

作者的風格簡單、直接、直覺的線條,玩 顏色的態度,企圖玩出特異、多彩、豐富的色塊。構成獨特的造型,有趣的韻味。

The author's style is simple, direct, intuitive lines, and the attitude of playing with colors. It constitutes a unique shape with an interesting charm.

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