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Land of Origin-Exhibition Room II
Emotional Mirror




Children's painting and outsider art together form an emotionally world. Between joy, anger and sorrow, the creators permeates the most authentic emotions and experiences in their works.


Paintings are not only the interpretations of emotions, but also emotional windows that takes us to see each other. Touch carefully on the brushstrokes on the canvas and feel the vitality of the original art; Savor the colors under the brush and share the emotions expressed in children's paintings. In this world of art, where emotions are intertwined, we learn to understand each other, and let empathy flow in our paintings.

The Fantasy Landscape Window



繪畫展現了創作者對夢的探索,對現實世界的逃避,以及對心靈深處的 描繪。白日夢帶著創作者逃離現實,發揮想像力,探索未知的世界。 作品呈現在形式和色彩上自由奔放,創造出獨特的角色,不受邏輯與現實的束縛,反映創作者的生活經歷和情感,一種超越常規的創意表現。 在這無拘無束的創作空間裡,孩子將內心最可貴的和情境呈現於畫布之 上。

The canvas are the playground of children's dreams, and the paintbrush is the magic wand of outsider artists. The paintings present the creator's inner imaginations and whims, intertwining into a world full of creativity.


The art reflects the creator's exploration of dreams, escapism from the real world, and depiction of the depths of their soul. Daydreams lead the creator away from reality, unleash imagination, and explore the wonderland.


The artworks present a free and unrestrained style and color scheme, creating unique characters unrestricted by logic and reality. They reflect the creator's life experiences and emotions, a kind of creative expression that transcends norms. In this unbounded creative space, children portray the most precious elements of their hearts onto the canvas.

Painted Magic House






Paintings are a tool for children and outsider artists to express themselves, conveying inner emotions and thoughts through colors, shapes, and lines. The symbolism contained in the painting reflect emotions such as joy, sadness, loneliness, and happiness, allowing the viewer to understand the painting with their own experiences and feelings, and find emotional resonance in it.


The interaction provoked by art is not limited to the dialogue between the creator and the painting, but also between the viewer and the artist. In art-led communication, we learn the wonderful creations of children and listen to the life stories behind them. Connect with the creator's heart between stories and create in the exhibition section.


Learn how artists can convey their experiences and ideas to audiences in the past and future through painting, weaving a picture full of emotions and stories.

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